Treasured Boarding Experiences are a Hot Commodity


This is the final part in a series of candid blogs written by our 2014-15 Best School Year Ever winners on the Good, the Bad and the Surprising of their boarding experience at SMUS.

by Silke Kuhn

Whether it be at age 7 or 77, we all have to face the reality of our own beliefs at some point in our lives. It just happened to be at age 16 for me, when I left the comfort of my family home and moved to boarding school.

Youth are gold. Did you know that? As teenagers, our opinions, views and beliefs are as malleable and precious as fine gold. We are meticulously poured into a certain mould when we are young, sheltered from the world and kept encased there until we cool, every second reinforcing the precise curves, angles and edges measured out for us. When we are extracted from the mould, we are subject to the often harsh environment around us. BSYE-Logo-2015 transOur beliefs can so easily be shaped and contorted. I didn’t realize just how pliable we humans are until I arrived at SMUS. Living independently has caused me to question and re-evaluate my outlook on these priceless adolescent years.

And perhaps I was a little surprised by that. I was unsuspecting of the many strong and convincing voices coming at me from all angles. Voices coming from teachers, teammates, clubs, students, councils, house parents. I was unsuspecting of the gratitude that would flow from me for teachers’ encouragement, for teammates’ support, for clubs’ enlightenment, for students’ acceptance and house parents’ kindness.

But at some point after I came to SMUS, I had to decide what to let in, what to give value to. These values, these treasured stones, will adorn the crown of gold I am shaping for myself from these years. And I will wear this crown with my head high. With each new and unexpected or surprising experience I’ll add another gem; another badge of time passed, and wisdom gained.

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