A Whale of a Book Sale


by Tanya de Hoog

On Thursday, December 4, Grade 4 students hosted a book sale to raise funds in support of the Adopt a Killer Whale Program at the Vancouver Aquarium. This student-initiated action arose after both classes inquired into the creatures inhabiting the Salish Sea. After further inquiring into issues affecting killer whales they chose to organize and host a book sale to raise the funds needed to adopt a whale. Leading up to the book sale, students created projects to raise awareness about killer whales and the issues affecting them, which were shared with Junior School classes.

Student Reflections

“We studied the Salish Sea and then we studied killer whales especially. We realized that killer whales are close to being endangered so we are making this big book sale and selling books to other people in the SMUS Junior School and then we are adopting as many killer whales as we can. The money that goes to adopting the killer whales goes to research, and when you research them you help them, because you find out why they are going extinct.” – by Jamie

“We learned about orcas and how they are endangered and why they needed our help, and then we got the idea for this fundraiser that we’re going to raise money to adopt one and make sure that it all goes well. It’s important to help the killer whales because they are endangered. But they are at the top of the food chain of the Salish Sea so we really want to keep them alive.” – by Jonah

“Whales are endangered because of great white sharks and people are killing them because they think they are dangerous. We will be helping them by donating all the money we get from the books to the Vancouver Aquarium and that will help them survive. I really love helping whales!” – by Arjun

“My favorite thing that I learned about the Salish Sea and saving the killer whales is that it is really exciting to put together a book sale. The most challenging thing was making all the signs and sorting all the books into different categories. We are going to raise $89 to adopt a killer whale. Then we are going to the Vancouver Aquarium and then we are going to see Chester, the whale that got stranded on the shore and he got injured and they are helping him.” – by Rowan

“We are trying to raise $89 to adopt a killer whale so that scientists can research more about them because they are going to be endangered if we don’t help them. They are not endangered yet but they are about to be, so we need to help them by not throwing garbage in the ocean and things like that. If they become endangered we don’t want that to happen. They are a really majestic animal.”– by Alexandra

Huge thanks to all the Junior School families who donated and purchased books! The Grade 4 classes raised $650 – enough money to adopt seven killer whales! The classes planned to visit the aquarium on Tuesday, December 9, but poor weather resulted in ferry cancellations, so the field trip will be rescheduled for the new year!

(photos by Gordon Chan and Tanya de Hoog)


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