Grade 5 Students Bow and Pluck to Make Beautiful Music


Even the most famous rock stars get butterflies in their stomachs before they go onstage and put on a memorable show. But when our Grade 5 students walked into the Junior School gym for their first public strings performance of the year last week, if any of the young performers were nervous, they certainly weren’t showing it. The students sat comfortably in their seats and confidently played their violins, violas, cellos and double basses to a packed house. Their little hands moved seamlessly up and down their instruments’ necks, as they wowed the audience with their skill. Congratulations to all the musicians, and a huge thank you to Mrs. Smith for her continued excellence as the SMUS strings teacher.

Student Reflections

“I am proud of our concert because I think that we sounded amazing. I am mostly proud of our bow stroke because when we first practiced some of our bows were up and some were down. So I found it great that we managed to get them at the same stroke. I thought it was fun because, to me, different songs expressed different emotions. So, no matter how you were feeling there would be a song for you. It also gave you an opportunity to show your talent. If you were really good at piano, Mrs. Smith gave you a chance to show your talent. You were allowed to have a solo if you wanted.” – by Jorja

“We were doing the strings concert and I had lots and lots of fun. But, does that mean that it was super-duper scary from the time I stepped into the gym until the second I stepped out? Yes it does. I did a solo piece (along with the piano) called “Minuet”. I had been practicing every night and with my out-of-school violin teacher. This added a ton of pressure, but the practice made it easier in a way, I guess. All the other strings pieces that we played together were awesome because there was harmony. Every instrument had different notes, which made us sound like a proper orchestra. Finally, I would like to thank Mrs. Edler-Davis for playing the piano with our pieces. Most of all, I would like to thank Mrs. Smith for putting the whole concert together. Thank you!” – by Alexandra

“On Friday, November 21, the Grade 5 music students held a strings concert. The whole school was there, including all the Grdae 5 parents. We performed five songs: “Celtic Dance”, “Clog Dance”, “Country Reel”, “In Motion” and “Coffee Song”. I was a little nervous because I am new to the violin and this was my first concert. The hardest song was “Celtic Dance”, but it went well. There were a few solos by Sophia, Alexandra, Emma and Eric. I enjoyed the strings concert, and we did so well that we had a standing ovation.” – by Vienna

“I really enjoyed the experience of playing in an orchestra. Everything is so different when you listen to the music from the point of view of the musician than when you hear it from the audience. It has been scientifically proven that your test results will be 20% better if you take musical lessons. I find it a calming experience to play the viola.” – by Jonah

See more photos of the Grade 5 Strings Concert at the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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