Exploratory Camping Trip Leaves Lifelong Memories


by Zyoji Jackson, Middle School teacher

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” – William Shakespeare.

While I cannot assume exactly what Mr. Shakespeare had in mind when he said this, I would happily apply these words to our inaugural SMUS Middle School Explorers weekend at Camp Barnard. Our adventurous group of Grade 6, 7 and 8 day and boarding students demonstrated empathy and caring as they worked together to meet their learning goals of cooking on open flames on homemade stoves, lashing together ladders and creating tarp shelters.

Mr. DeMerchant, Matthew DeMerchant, Ms. Lloyd and I are proud of this group and we look forward to taking our next cohort of Middle School Explorers beyond the pavement this winter!


Student Reflection

by Julie, Grade 6

Just a couple of weeks ago, me and my Exploratory class went on a great camping trip to a place called “Camp Barnard” up in Sooke. I thought it was an amazing experience and I think all the other people thought it was great to go on an out trip for an Exploratory.

The date of the out trip was on my birthday and that was pretty cool because Mr. D and Mr. Jackson, who are great teachers, made an extraordinary birthday cake over a campfire and everybody enjoyed the games and laughter!

Later that night I was not feeling so well but I knew if I left I would probably feel bad for missing out on some of the memorable stuff. I decided to stay, and luckily I had some great friends in my cabin who always stayed by my side and put a smile on my face, which felt like a nice warm feeling.

I’m glad I stayed because it was really fun. I hope for years to come that the people who join this Exploratory will have as much fun and as memorable of a trip as I did.

See more photos of the Middle School students’ camping trip to Camp Barnard at the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Zyoji Jackson)


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