A Francophone Adaptation of Goldilocks in Outer Space


This week 70 Grade 6 students performed their way into our hearts with a terrific French-only adaptation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In this version, however, our enthusiastic Goldilocks is rather accident-prone and has no respect for others’ personal property. Poor Goldilocks, or “Boucles Rouges” in French, is bored of her repetitive routine on Earth and she decides to see what life is like on Mars. There, uninvited, she eats a variety of alien food (some too hot, some too cold) and naps on alien beds (some too hard, some too soft), and she also tries out different musical martian instruments and out-of-this-world sports.

Through the music of Journey, Psy, Katy Perry, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and more, the students magnificently told the story of the young girl as she explores life on Mars and meets the planet’s inhabitants.

Student Reflections

by Firinne

Our Grade 6 class has just finished performing “Boucles Rouges en route pour Mars.” I love to act, so for me the play was a wonderful and fun way to learn French. Boucles Rouges is a fractured fairy tale of Goldilocks. It is about a young girl (Boucles Rouge) who decides she is tired of being bossed around so she goes to Mars. After landing on Mars, Boucles Rouges meets different aliens as she explores life on Mars. The King and Queen of Mars meet Boucles Rouges and she tells them she will stay on Mars and show them how to turn ice into water. Furthermore, there were many different ups and downs for Goldilocks in the play.

It was a little hard to memorize my lines but I would practice them every day until they clicked in my brain. We had a difficult time at the dress rehearsal as we had just one chance to get used to our costume changes and handling our props in the Copeland Lecture Theatre. Grade 7 and 8 students and a few moms helped out backstage, and for the night of the performance the play was fabulous. Being onstage was exhilarating. I got that spark that athletes get when they run a race or shoot a basketball. Overall, the French play was an enjoyable and great way to study French.

See more photos of the Grade 6 French Play at the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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