Sewing…Bird Bags and Nets

rocky pointEach year, Rocky Point Bird Observatory uses hundreds of fabric bags to keep birds safe, dry and warm while they are being transported to the bird banding table. They wash the bags after each use to minimize the risk of transferring diseases between birds. The frequent washing increases the wear and tear on the bags so they need more!  Only basic sewing skills are needed – if you can sew a straight line with a sewing machine, you are qualified! The birds don’t care what color their bags are, so clean out your scrap fabric by turning it into bird bags. They provide all instructions required, and may be able to provide fabric if needed.

As well, they monitors bird populations using surveys and a technique called mist-netting, where they capture birds in nets, place a small band on their leg, take a few basic measurements, and release the birds unharmed to continue their activities. The mist-nets they use are made of fine thread, and are easily torn by tree branches, blackberry and other animals so repairing these nets is one of their main winter tasks. Net mending involves carefully sewing the net to repair the broken threads. All training will be provided. Once trained, volunteers can work independently.

For more information please contact:
Ann Scarfe


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