Open House: 10 Good Things about the Junior School


Kathleen Cook, Assistant Director of the Junior School
On Friday, October 24 the Junior School welcomed many visitors to the Open House. As a part of the leadership program in the Junior School, the Grade 5 students serve as ambassadors for Open Houses. In preparation for the event, they thought about what they value about their school in order to be prepared when they give the tours at Open House. Working in pairs, the Grade 5 students gave the tours of the school as they let visitors know what is important to them about their school life.

The Grade 5 students made lists called “Ten Good Things about the Junior School” and some of the comments are listed here:
• There is lots of choice.
• Teachers are engaging, understanding and fun.
• Pizza Day and Ice Cream Day!
• Classes are not too big.
• We do lots of speaking in front of the school.
• It is easy to make friends.
• There are many different clubs.
• There is a great sports program with squash club and rugby.
• There is a very good music program where you learn to play a string instrument.
• There are lots of fun field trips.

The Junior School hosts an information evening for prospective parents on November 13 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

(photos by Gordon Chan)


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