Junior Geocaching


On October 16th, Grade 5 students took part in a Geocaching event put together by Mr. Pope at the Richmond Road campus. Students used GPS units to find hidden geocaches throughout the campus. This allowed them to use their mapping skills, which they had learned in class, and apply them to a real world scenario. It was the perfect way to end our mapping unit.

Reflections from Students

by Sam
On Thursday we went on a trip to the Senior School to do geocaching. We were divided into groups of 4 or 5 and we got a GPS, a map of the school and a sheet. We started hunting for 12 geocaches and my group found 10 of them. It used a lot of co-operation and determination to do it. If you try to work on your own you work 10 times slower, so you really have to co-operate. For two of them you got to take a prize. That was fun! For me the hardest one was the one near the gym. It was well hidden in a bush. At the end we talked about how it went. There was a woman that travelled most of North America and found 650 geocaches! At the end we thanked Mr. Pope and then we went on the bus back home. I really liked geocaching and having lots of fun at the same time.

by Olivia
I really enjoyed our trip to the Senior School and geocaching. It was a great opportunity to work together and demonstrate our new leadership skills by leading ourselves to the different geocaches using GPS, a GPS location sheet, and a map. This trip relied on our behaviour and flexibility. Without this the trip wouldn’t have been made possible. It was also an activity of trust. You had to trust your teammates to know which way to go or whether it was the right geocache. We showed co-operation with our teammates and were excited when we found the geocaches. The prizes consisted of bouncy balls, mini mazes, plastic dinosaurs and more. Lots of excitement came from the fact that we got to run around the campus, finding geocaches and discovering new areas of the school. I really enjoyed it and I hope there is more geocaching in the Middle and Senior Schools so that we can have more of the fun we had today.

by Katie
In Grade 5 on the 16th of October 2014 we went on a field trip to the Senior School and we did geocaching. It was lots of fun and Mr. Pope taught us about it. When I came to the Senior School I had no idea about geocaching and now I want to do it again outside of school. To geocache you have to have a GPS or a phone (with an app to allow you to geocache). We were put in groups of 4 or 5 and told the rules, boundaries and so on. When we started it was crazy, everyone was running like a mad man to find their geocache!

by John
Today we went on a field trip to the Senior School to try geocaching. Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt. There were a few challenges. Some of them were when you got the right coordinates but still had to look hard for the treasure. The biggest challenge is when my friend got distracted during the game but there were more upsides than down. For example: we got prizes, the thrill of a treasure hunt and the amazing skill of using the GPS.

pictures by Gordon Chan
For more images from the Grade 4 and 5 Geocaching day go to the SMUS photo gallery.


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