Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA


Whitman College is a top Liberal Arts choice for SMUS students.  Located in the southeastern corner of Washington state, close to the Columbia River, Walla Walla is well known as an agricultural area, specializing in wine, wheat, and onions.  Whitman College is a central feature of this small city of 30,000.  Students are seen and welcomed everywhere.

Whitman has much to offer the SMUS graduate:  Excellence in academics and athletics, a supportive residential life, wonderful facilities, (including a 24-hour health centre and a magnificent climbing wall) and an inclusive philosophy that accentuates citizenship, academic rigour, critical and creative thinking, and community service.  Whitman offers substantial financial aid to international students, including an impressive merit scholarship program.  Photo below – The 24/7 Posner Library.

Whitman Library


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