Tolmie’s Rugged Hill: A Grade 7 Perspective


by Angelina & Josh, Grade 7
On Thursday, September 11th, the Grade 7 Science students at the Middle School went with Mr. Floyd, Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Lloyd on a field trip to Mt. Tolmie to study a Garry Oak meadow.

It was beautiful atop Mt. Tolmie, the sky was blue with slight winds; it was the perfect day for a walk up a short mountain for observation. It was quite rocky and never completely smooth (except for the trails that had been walked on quite a lot). The ground was quite dry. There were many Garry Oaks around, although I think that the most plentiful plant would have to be wild grasses (specifically Orchard Grass and Sweet Vernal Grass). It was everywhere, covering most of the ground (except the trails).

The view from the mountain was so gorgeous I felt like I could see the whole city. Some geographical features of Mt. Tolmie include the huge grooved rocks from the ice age period, the many Garry Oak trees and beautiful wild flowers including the White Fawn Lilly, the Shooting Star, the Western Buttercup and Sea Brush. The most common tree on Mt. Tolmie is Garry Oak but it is also home to Arbutus trees, blackberry bushes, mosses and licorice ferns. Looking out from the summit we could see quite a few landmarks such as Trial Island, Mt. Douglas, and Mt. Baker.

Some Grade 7 Reflections

“It was quite a fun experience.”

“I quite liked going and seeing all the plants and looking at the view.”

“I had a great time and would do it again if the choice was given to me.”

Take a look at the video from the Mt. Tolmie session below. You can also find high resolution, downloadable images at the SMUS photo gallery.

Video and photos by George Floyd
Video music by Adrian & John, Grade 7


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