The Grade 5 Class Takes the Lead


On Friday, October 3rd the Grade 5 students participated in a special Leadership Assembly. Ms. Richards, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Cook spoke about leadership at the Junior School and the fact that all students are encouraged to be leaders. With the guidance of their teachers, the Grade 5 students prepared for this assembly during leadership workshops. In the assembly each student gave a speech in front of their parents, teachers and their Junior School peers about what leadership means to them. Each student was then presented with a leadership pin that they are now wearing proudly on their blazers. Following the ceremony, the parents, teachers and students enjoyed refreshments together to celebrate the success of these young leaders.

Below are excerpts from the speeches.

The Ideal Leader

“It doesn’t matter how old you are or how tall or small. To be a leader you need to believe you can.”
“Leaders are always active and they don’t give up. They’re still happy even when they lose.”
“To me, leadership is as simple as opening a door for someone, to giving someone a place to call home.”
“A leader that inspires me does not judge people by looks but by their heart.”

The Responsibilities of a Leader

“Leadership can be anywhere and anyone. It will not hurt others, it will help them.”
-John D
“Leadership to me is helpfulness and being nice to others and is being committed to what he or she is doing.”
-Matthew B
“Leaders have to be able to accept the differences in people. Leaders should be responsible and inspiring.”
“Leaders show leadership and what leadership means is you are committed, you have courage and you are also forgiving.”
“A good leader is someone who helps others without being asked to and thinks about others more than themselves.”
“It means having a kind heart with a positive attitude too.”
“My goal as a leader is to show kindness to everyone and to be organized.”
“A good leader never gives up. They are determined to help others until they have reached their goal.”
“Leadership is a gift and you should be grateful because all of us have it inside.”

On Consistency

“For me, my ideas for leadership are to never give up and stay committed, like Wayne Gretzky and Terry Fox. Also they were both peaceful.”
“Leadership is standing up for yourself and others while showing them the difference between right and wrong.”
“Leadership to me means including others and being kind. Leaders should be creative and helpful.”
“A leader should respect and be loyal. I have been inspired by Terry Fox and Nelson Mandela.”
“Now that I am in Grade 5 I know that my time at the Junior School is limited and I will be focused on being a great leader as well as a great student. I think a leader should be responsible, respectful and helpful.”
“A leader would not break a promise they said they were going to keep. Leaders laugh at their mistakes and help others fix them.”

On Commitment

“A leader is committed and patient. Leaders are funny at times and are non-judgmental.”
-David B
“To me a leader is someone who never quits. A leader can change the world by the simple way they think.”
“To me a leader is someone who doesn’t give up, believes in themselves and others, and won’t let anyone bring them down.”
“Leadership is where you are confident and stand up for what you believe in.”

Golden Nuggets

“To me leadership is not letting the world go on its path, but changing its course for the better. It means making everyone feel equal.”
-Jonah B
“A leader doesn’t want war and doesn’t make it. A leaders makes friends and not enemies, even if the friend might not be too friendly. A leader will always bring out the best in a person.”
“What leadership means to me is standing up for people, being helpful and forgiving. It doesn’t mean being rich and famous, although sometimes it can.”
“My ‘golden nugget’ for leadership is to be kind because in Chapel if someone doesn’t have room, you could move over.”
“I believe a great leader has to think outside the box and have a mind full of creativity. I think that planting one tree can start a forest, one thought can change the world and different is only as different as you make it.”

To see and download images from the Grade 5 Leadership Speeches, go to the SMUS photo gallery. If you are unsure how to download from the gallery, take a look at How to Download Images From the SMUS Photo Gallery.

Photos by Gordon Chan.


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