Funding Big Dreams

100PercentDid you know that tuition at SMUS accounts for approximately 85% of our total budget? The extra 15% is raised annually via our Dream Big Fund. This fund supports countless programs and projects and makes SMUS the outstanding school you expect us to be – 100% of the time.

The Power of the Dream Big Fund

Parents and alumni alike know that St. Michaels University School is a special place for all who attend. It offers students the rare opportunity to become both exceptional scholars and exceptional people. What you may not know is that the Dream Big Fund is an essential part of this equation.

Though a significant part of the school’s annual operating budget comes from tuition fees, the money raised for the Dream Big Fund completes the picture. Were it not for this fund, we wouldn’t be the same school. And, we would not be able to offer the SMUS experience, via scholarships, to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Students Benefit Every Day

No one knows better than the people whose lives have been touched directly by SMUS what a positive effect attending the school can have on a student’s life . . . for the rest of their life. This is why we appeal to you to support this important fund. As you likely know, SMUS fosters a culture of philanthropy and teaches the many benefits of giving. What better way to demonstrate your commitment to this philosophy than by donating to a fund that helps so many.

And there’s no mystery as to where your gift ends up. You can see the direct results in the continuation of programs you or your children may have been involved in or benefitted from. Your support of the Dream Big Fund ultimately extends beyond the school as SMUS graduates go out and do great things all around the world, generation after generation.

You Can Do Something Amazing Today

We count on our SMUS parents and alumni to support the annual Dream Big Fund, because they understand best the good it does. Every donation – no matter the size – helps ensure that this important 15% of our budget is there every year. In fact, without this annual fund and all the good it does, you may not even recognize us. It makes us who we are. And in turn, you make us who we are.



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