Child’s Play


Our Senior Boys’ Soccer team is off to a great start, having won the Independent Schools Championship, and coming off a 9-0 victory in City League play yesterday. We have so many girls out for Senior Field Hockey that we’re running out of fields for them. This enthusiasm and success in the Senior School program couldn’t be more encouraging, especially in a School that doesn’t just pursue academic success, but also pursues an environment where the character and the self also grow.

Which brings me to one of the questions on which I have reflected, and on which I have advised a few new parents in the Junior School, who eye that distant future when their own sons and daughters will be on those field hockey and soccer teams. Because of its mention of Steve Nash, SMUS alum from the class of 1992, I will let the New York Times provide the counsel I have echoed: Sport should be child’s play. Enjoy your read, and have a good weekend, on the field or off.


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