New Year, New Brain Series


If you’ve never been to a Learning and the Brain lecture, well, you’re forgiven. But you should sign up right away for the September 22 session called Who’s in Charge? Supporting the Development of Your Child’s Executive Functions! Heather Clayton, our Director of Learning, guides parents through the ever-changing world of brain research with this three-part series offered free to SMUS parents and the wider community.

This year’s series will focus on Executive Functioning Skills — those necessary qualities that help us negotiate life more smoothly. With practicality as a focus, Heather aims to support the great work parents already do at home and offer the opportunity to choose some specific functions, strategies and ideas for helping students develop. She will discuss how to support skills including getting organized, staying focussed, planning ahead and learning from mistakes.

Here are some comments from parents who have attended in the past:

“I am looking forward to the next parent evening presented by Heather Clayton. I will be there—opening my brain to new information and connections. Thank you, Heather, for a delightful night out” – Dr. Lara Lauzon, parent.

“As parents, it is important to understand our children and how they learn to better guide and support them. Heather provided a lot of information that very much promotes this.” – Tracy Hagkull, parent.

“I felt that I could relate with Heather as she spoke of personal experiences and offered much food for thought. I like how she approaches her presentations and doesn’t preach to the audience. She shared information about the brain and I think each and every one of us were able to walk away with things to think about and apply to our own lives as parents.” Heather Sandquist, parent and SMUS teacher.

For more information on the Learning and the Brain Series, including videos from many of the previous lectures, go to our Brain portal.


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