The Best School Year Ever


This phrase is a very ambitious one. At the same time it speaks the aspiration of every student at the School this week, Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. Last year we ran an Admissions promotion by this very name, and this week we do have the three winners of The Best School Year Ever enrolled at SMUS: Santiago Mazoy, from San Diego, Alessandra Massa from Texas, and Silke Kuhn, from Abbotsford. For those who missed it, we ran this promotion last year for boarding students across Canada and the United States: submit a YouTube video, a report card and an entry form and you are on your way. It was a successful initiative.

From Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, no doubt this best-ever aspiration will come up against the weather that comes with any school year: disappointments in class, on the sports field, in the schoolyard. However the fact that SMUS opened this year with its highest enrolment ever, in both boarding and day categories, indicates that many people have faith in this particular future. To support this faith, of course, we find the best-ever teachers, coaches, and staff. A school is an optimistic place.

I’m sure you get my drift: September is a month of high hopes. June will be the proof. In August all those hopes lay quiet; this week the School erupts. The Dining Hall is full, the fields are bustling, and tonight the Junior School barbecue will be packed. The way it should be.


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