New Students and Spaces at Junior School


There were lively conversations, smiles and hugs at Junior School on Wednesday as students and parents alike returned for another year, eager to meet up with old friends and make new ones. There were several new staff members to introduce, including two new teachers for Grade 5 (Ms. Kingsbury and Mr. Kiel), three new education assistants (Ms. Carlson, Ms. Milne, and Ms. Munson), as well as a new program specialist (Ms. de Hoog).

But the big attraction at Wednesday’s orientation and coffee party was the beautiful new portable unit that had been installed and made ready over the summer. The Grade 3 class enjoyed exploring their new space, which  Mr. Hawes’ designed to create distinct activity areas. The portable is large enough to accommodate the second Grade 3 class that will be added next year, completing the Junior School’s enrollment expansion.

Junior Student Reflections

“I liked learning about people, strings and PE.” – Talia

“I’m excited because there are so many new things to do.” – Arjun

“I am really excited because I am at a new school and in a new environment.” – Alyssa

“I like SMUS because all the kids have been really nice and welcoming.” – Ava

“I love SMUS because there are new friends and I love recess because I can play basketball.” – Xander

“I love the 3 recesses and going in the hedge.” – Maya

“I like that there is drama here. It’s cool.” – Vienna

“I love how there are so many sports clubs.” – Ella D.

“I really like it because there are a lot of nice people and the teachers are nice.” – Ty

“I’m really excited because I’m in a new classroom and we’re going to learn lots of new stuff.” – Daniel

“I really like the big field and playground. I like the school because it’s not too easy – it’s perfect. I’m really happy.” – Emmett

“It’s epic and amazing.” – Naechal

“They have many more activities.” – Sava

“I really like the choice of Lego and I really like my teacher.” – Axel

“I love the teachers. I love every class. I love the playground. It isn’t too big so you can find a teacher easily.” – Reede

“I like it here. It’s fun.” – Ian

“It’s good. I like the teachers and I like all the subjects.” – Avery

To see more images of opening week, take a look at the SMUS Photo Gallery. If it is your first time in the gallery or you need a refresher on how to download images, go to How to Download Images from the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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