puppetsA new project has come to town and they are looking for volunteers that can provide a long term commitment. They are creating a puppet troupe that uses Bunraku style puppets to teach children aged 6 to 11 about differences that some children live with.

Differences such as:
-having seizures and epilepsy
-having FASD
-having autism
-having just arrived from a country very far away

As a volunteer…….
-You need to know about the specific differences
-You need to know how to be a puppeteer with Bunraku style puppets (which you can learn)
-You need to commit to being part of a troupe team and practise or deliver a presentation on a regularly scheduled day each week during regular school hours
-You need to commit for a year if possible
-You need to enjoy talking to children
-You need to be relatively fit and be able to get yourself and puppets to presentations

For more info or to apply, contact Barb Gilmore bgilmore@vepc.bc.ca


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