Keeping the Beat For War Child


by Keeley Copeland, Grade 11

This year’s ‘Keep the Beat’ was a great success. The SMUS Arts Council worked together with students, staff and other volunteers to organize, once again, a fabulous event. Keep the Beat is a fundraising event put on every spring at SMUS in support of War Child Canada, an organization dedicated to helping children that have been negatively affected by war. The day is filled with fun, music-related activities to raise awareness and funds.

The morning began with a bake sale, as well as the sale of Keep the Beat t-shirts, sunglasses, snapback hats and other merchandise to get students pumped up for the awesome day. The live music didn’t wait to begin at lunch. Instead, student musicians wandered the halls all morning, performing for classes and collecting donations along the way.

When the extended lunch period did begin, everyone was able to enjoy activities – such as the live t-shirt and hat auction, the silent art auction and a delicious barbecue – while talented musicians performed outside in the Christine Duke Theatre. We were fortunate to have very pleasant weather, fantastic musicians, and gracious volunteers and donors, all of whom helped make the day fun for everyone!

After doing some calculations regarding our proceeds, all of which will go to War Child Canada, we are thrilled to announce that we have exceeded our goal for fundraising. Our current total has been estimated at about $2700 and counting and we were able to give everyone at SMUS a great day in the process. A huge thank you goes out to all of the volunteers and performers who helped make the 2014 Keep the Beat music marathon a huge success!

Keep the Beat has been a part of SMUS life since 2002. The video below, shot and edited by Grade 12 student Olivia Sorley, gives a look at the musicians who participated this year. The soundtrack is “Blue Museum” by Brian Christensen ’11.


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