Bug Unit Inspires Malaria Prevention Fundraiser


by Karen Dicks

The two Grade 1 classes at the Junior School have been studying bugs – the creepies and the crawlies, the exotic and the ordinary.

Two boys, Braxton and Justin, who were researching the life of the mosquito, became interested in the insect’s impact on the world through their role in spreading malaria. They discovered that malaria, transmitted through the bite of the female mosquito, kills more than 1,000,000 people every year. Sadly, every minute of every day, one child five years old or younger, dies of the disease.

That fact mobilized their classmates to want to make a difference by raising money to buy mosquito bed nets – costing $10 each – for distribution in tropical developing countries. Isabella Gudgeon, a Grade 12 SMUS Lifer, came to speak to the children about her experience of contracting malaria when she was 5 years old. Without teacher suggestion or direction, the children began doing chores at home, creating lemonade stands and tapping garage sale potential. They raised $180 on their own initiative! In class, it was decided to hold a sale so that the classes could purchase more mosquito nets.

The Grade 1 classes organized a Stuffie Sale, inviting all Junior School classes to donate gently used stuffed toys for resale. The sale, held in the quad after school on May 29, was a success. Including the money already raised in class, the children collected over $700, which will be used to purchase at least 70 mosquito bed nets.

Congratulations to the Grade 1 students for their dedication and thanks to the student body for their support of the sale!

Our Junior School students fundraise for different causes throughout the year. In 2012, they were recognized by World Vision and welcomed a very special guest.


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