SMUS Lifers Go Back to Kindergarten

by Claire Williams, Grade 12
As lifers, we have 12-13 years of SMUS behind us and the Junior School was a big chunk of that. It seems so distant but when we drove over to the campus Monday, May 26, it was all so familiar. It felt absolutely amazing to go back (in that humbling, nostalgic sort of way).

I mean, Ms. Nason had no trouble bragging about how she remembers teaching me when I (now 6’0″) was shorter than her. It’s that kind of hospitality that we’re all still searching for. I don’t think I’ve set foot in the Junior School since moving on to the Middle School – and we were still welcome.

I so appreciated being welcomed by the Kindergarten students. There is so much energy in them and more than enough care-free attitude to spread around. When I was their age, I didn’t worry about where I would be twelve years from then, much like they don’t now.

I wish I could stay there, honestly; no university applications, no final marks, and especially no AP exams. The lifers all had a lot of fun. Thanks to the Kindergarten kids who were just as excited for us to be there as we were!

Kindergarten Thoughts

“I liked that we don’t get to see the Grade 12 students often. It was like a special treat. I’m excited about being in the middle and senior school and coming back to see the new kindergarten kids.” – Sophie

“It felt very special having a Grade 12er in our classroom. It was a new experience.” – Georgia

“I liked taking a picture with the blond haired boy. We have never had a grade 12 student have lunch with us before. We talked about playdates and we laughed and smiled together.” – Ania

“I’m thankful they came.” – Molly


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