Grade 6 Classes Take a Trip Around the World


Each year, Grade 6 Humanities culminates with a year-end project called Around the World in 80 Minutes. In groups of four or five, students conduct an in-depth research project on a chosen country. The project involves creative writing, factual writing, research, creating a Google Slideshow, giving an oral presentation and making a relevant piece of art.

Grade 6 Reflections on Around the World

“One fact I found interesting was that there is a lot of child labour in Pakistan and major brands base their factories there because of cheap labour.” – Jossh

“One fact I found interesting was that Bolivia has a centrally-planned economy. This means that the economy is government controlled.” – Kevin

“Something I enjoyed was the parent night because I really got to show off all the information that I had learned and I got to look at all the other students’ work and try some of the traditional food from their countries.” – Sebastian

“One fact I found interesting was that the Ganges river runs from the Himalayas all the way through India and is called ‘The Holy River.’ They call it the Holy River because that is where people bathe and pray to the gods.” – Hannah

“The part of the project that I liked the most was making the tri-folds and making our country maps.” – Graeme

“One fact I found interesting was that, although the Egyptian civilization has been around for a long time, it was only declared a country on Feb 22, 1922 when they declared independence from the UK.” – Christian

“The part of the project I liked the most was expository writing because I got to piece together all the facts of Pakistan’s culture.” – Bernice

“One fact I found interesting is that 42% of Egypt’s population is living below the poverty line.” – Michael

“I enjoyed telling the parents about Pakistan and I also enjoyed seeing their reaction to the lassi me and my mum made.” – Jonah

“The part of the project I liked the most was making the food and working with great teammates.” – Kenzi

“One fact I found interesting was the difference between India’s Gross National Product (GNP) and GNP per capita. It’s GNP is high but it’s GNP per capita is low.” – Jasper

You can look at and download many more photos from Around the World in 80 Minutes in the SMUS photo gallery!
Take a look at the video below to get a sense of what the night was like.

Video by George Floyd


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