Beyond SMUS: Reports on Post-Secondary Life


by Kaeleigh Fletcher ’10

This past Tuesday marked the third year of SMUS’s “Beyond the Bubble” evening, a night dedicated to giving students and parents an honest and eye-opening look at the transition from high school to post-secondary education.

The night began with a panel interview, made up of former students, parents and councillors. Interviewer Jonny Morris tailored questions to each participant, allowing for a large breadth of information to be covered. The event then moved to the strings room to allow smaller groups to chat with the participants.

Surprisingly, there was a fair level of consensus between the participants. We all agreed that, in many ways, SMUS sets you up for university in ways that no other place can. The university academic workload is easy to adjust to, long nights of studying are nothing new, and SMUS-dents have been multitasking and over-achieving since the first day we put on our blazers.

By no means does this mean that it’s always a smooth transition from one world to the next. Personally, even though I expected university to be the most natural thing in the world for me, I quickly realized that my academic interests (mediation) didn’t have a place in undergraduate studies. After this epiphany, I took my education into my own hands and trained with mediators as well as going to CFB Suffield to train with the Department of National Defence. There is no shame in not fitting seamlessly into university. Search around to find what fits you best.

Finally, the basic, simple things: show up to class (even if it’s at 8:30am), drink responsibly (once you’re old enough), be there for your friends (and they’ll be there for you), take pride in wherever you go to school and treat your profs with respect (no matter how much you may disagree with them). It really is true when people tell you this is the point in life when you have the most freedom and can have the best experiences. Enjoy it, embrace it and be proud of whatever you choose to do.

Read more about Beyond the Bubble and the advice from our younger alumni on the University Counselling blog or watch the very funny Valedictorian address from Oliver Brooks ’10 on how hard it can be to leave SMUS.


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