Mother’s Day Celebration

As students progress from grade to grade within the Junior School there are traditions that each grade looks forward to. The Grade 4 students traditionally host a Mother’s Day Tea. Weeks prior to this event students are all abuzz preparing. Without giving too many secrets away, as this is a rite of passage for mothers, the afternoon leaves each participant with feelings of delight, sadness, humour, friendship and a sense of how eager the students and teachers worked to celebrate “Moms.”

When Anna reflects back on this exciting day, she has fond memories of her classroom smelling like lemons. She enjoyed brainstorming what students liked best about their Moms in a Language Arts activity. Also, how excited everyone was to choose a job during the tea. Lastly, she loved seeing the pure joy on mothers’ faces from the moment they arrived, to the moment they departed this true honored right of passage.

by Sofie, Grade 4
Today we had our Mother’s Day Tea. I think it was really fun to organize and to do, because it was really exciting — like we were really at a cafe or teahouse. I think that it was great that there were so many different jobs and all of them were so exciting. Something that I thought was funny was that we had to put Kleenex on all the tables (just in case) and in the end, they came in handy. Some comments that I heard the moms say were: “I loved the baking, especially the lovely lemon tarts”, “That was the best Mother’s Day I have ever had!” “That was the best day of my life”, “This is a day I will never forget”. Overall I think that the Mother’s Day Tea was really fun and I would be up to doing it again.

by Alexandra, Grade 4
Last Wednesday, we had a Mother’s Day Tea where our Grade 4 class greeted, hosted, served, and prepared delicious treats for our mums. We also shared poems with our mums that we had been working on for weeks. The poems were very touching (the mums were even crying). While we shared our poems, two of my classmates played beautiful music on the piano. Doing the Mother’s Day Tea was very special for me because my mum usually cares and shows kindness to me but for the afternoon I could care for her and make her feel special. Overall, I enjoyed the afternoon and it was an amazing experience!

by Cindy, mother
The Mother’s Day Tea was a lovely treat. It was wonderful to watch the children relish the opportunity to do service and show their appreciation for their mothers. I was grateful to see the children demonstrate their love in such a mature and thoughtful way. It was a very special afternoon that we spent together. Much gratitude to our wonderful Grade 4 teachers, Heather Sandquist and Jane Rees, for providing this opportunity!

Mother’s Day isn’t the only holiday our students spend baking. Our Grade 2 students make cookies every Christmas to raise money for Santas Anonymous and other causes.


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