Earth Awareness Week


Following a wonderful student-led assembly to kick off Earth Awareness Week at the Junior School, the children have all been involved in a week of environmental activities designed to promote an awareness of the importance of caring for the Earth. From the youngest Kindergarten children and their litter patrol, to the oldest Grade 5 students who are leading the initiatives, all have been involved and committed this week.

by Sienna, Anna, and Hannah (Grade 5)

Why Walking to School is Important

Our parents drive us to Windsor Park where Mr. Barber and some teachers meet us and we walk to school. Other students who live closer to the school are walking directly to school. Our walking reduces the amount of pollution in our atmosphere because fewer gas fumes are emitted. It also reduces the amount of traffic around the school, so it is easier for our neighbours to get where they are going without being like salmon swimming upstream.

It is fun to chat with a friend along the way. I like to chat with people especially when I can talk with my kindergarten buddy.

For other students who live too far away to walk, it would be best if they took the bus instead of being driven because the big SMUS school bus can hold the equivalent of up to 42 cars worth of students. This again reduces the amount of pollution and traffic

Litter-less Lunches

We are being encouraged to use reusable containers rather than saran wrap and plastic baggies. They keep your lunch just as fresh. These reusable containers mean that there is less recycling material, so less is going to the landfill or dump and less recycling is necessary.

This all means less waste of energy. Recycling is a good thing but the recycling process takes energy as well, so if we use reusable containers, we use up less energy.

Read how dedicated Junior School students help the environment by organizing composting and recycling throughout the school.


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