Grade 5 Students Go Greek

gr5greeksby Theo
Yesterday was Greek day and I have learned so much about Greek mythology! I learned a very interesting fact about my god Poseidon: he could shape-shift into horses. I think the most interesting myth is the one about Persephone and the seasons, because I like how it explains how the season work.

It was hard when standing up in front of the class and not using filler words (umm, uh, like). It was also hard making a Poseidon voice that was funny but not too funny. My favourite parts of Greek day were the chariot races, the Greek feast and parading around.

by Caoimhe
Yesterday we had Greek day. I learned so much about Greek mythology. I learnt that Demeter actually had nine kids. Also the gods and goddesses have their own interesting birth story. I found writing my speech hard because each time I came up with an idea for my speech it would clash with another idea. I also found writing my essay hard because I couldn’t come up with a thesis to go with my categories. I really enjoyed doing the chariot races because I had lots of fun swirling around on the yarn sacks. I enjoyed making the dances up because we had to work as a group and as it turned out, our group won!

by Tori
I learned so much about Greek mythology and it was so fun. It was cool that they used myths to represent how things were made. I studied Aphrodite, the goddess of love, romance and beauty. It is interesting how all the gods and goddesses are somewhat connected. It was tricky to write and pronounce the names. I really enjoyed writing and reading my speech. Greek day was really fun!

by Marina
I think Greek mythology was such a fun unit. It was so interesting to watch our speeches come together from the research, to notes, to a formal report, then to our cards and finally our presentations. I think I learned lots about the gods and goddesses during speeches and it was especially cool with our costumes on.

When it finally came time for Greek day, I was so excited, I barely slept the night before. In the morning it was so funny to look at all my friends transformed into gods and goddesses. But when we finally got down to business, it included lots of team work and creativity. One of the things we had to do was build the Parthenon, a Greek temple, out of paper and tape and only paper and tape. Also we did some sports activities like chariot races with potato sacks with our friends pulling us. Then we did some Greek dancing, which required lots of cooperation. Lastly we did some Greek trivia and to finish up this amazing event, we all went into the classroom and had a big Greek feast.

by Nicholas
Greek day was so fun!! I really liked how we got into character. I studied Hephaestus. I enjoyed seeing the lifestyles of the gods. We had a big lunch with lots of good food. We played many games. My favourite game was the chariot race. It was where we carried a sack with someone on it. We dragged it across the gym. We lost but it was still a blast. We listened to the gods’ speeches. I found it very educational too. We learnt so much about our god and all the other gods’ roles. We read a book called the Odyssey. We got to dress up as the god and be exactly like that god for a day. There was nothing I would change. I loved it.

Grade 5 students will be visiting the Middle School campus next week to help them prepare for life in Grade 6. In addition to attending classes and dining in Brown hall, they will get to hear from author (and SMUS alumnus) Kenneth Oppel ’85.


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