Leveraging the Power of GIS in Geography 12

Geography 12 at SMUS has been completely redesigned, thanks in part to the ESRI Canada GIS in Education Grant awarded to our school recently. One of the many exciting aspects of this course is that it will now provide specific training for GIS applications. Students will be able to use GIS to explore, discover, query, and present their learning in a visually rich medium, developing key skills that are highly marketable in today’s world. To cap it all, ESRI, the world leader in GIS applications, will present Geography 12 students with a certificate indicating that they have received basic training in the tools, skills and applications of GIS.

What’s GIS? (video)

GIS In Geography 12

Geography 12 is a seminar and inquiry-based course in physical and environmental geography that is open to Grade 11 and 12 students. In an enriched, personalised, and collaborative learning environment students will learn to use a leading-edge GIS technology. Diverse approaches to learning will include independent research projects, collaborative inquiry, problem solving, field investigations, and the authentic application of geo-technologies (GIS, GPS, and satellite imagery). If you want to explore further, check out these links:

How is GIS Used?

Cool Canadian Story Maps

If you think you would like to change your course selections to include Geography 12, please see your Academic Advisor.


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