Science 8 Students Look Into Hearts


Science 8 students partnered up for a major biology lab last week, where they concluded their study of the heart with a hands-on examination of the real thing. Though the students were studying the human heart, they used sheep hearts for their lab because sheep have four-chambered hearts, just like humans. Sheep hearts are more often dissected at the high school and university levels, but our Grade 8 scientists proved up to the challenge!

Test your knowledge of the heart by attempting to answer a few of the questions from the official class lab assignment.

Sheep Heart Dissection Lab

1. Describe the pericardial sac (pericardium) and its function. Why is it important to have fat surrounding the heart?

2. Where are the coronary vessels and the septum? What are the functions of each?

3. How are the structures and functions of the aorta and pulmonary vessels similar or different from each other?

4. You traced the route of the vessels by placing your fingers through the heart valves leaving the ventricles. What are the names of those ‘semi-lunar’ valves and explain their location and function?

5. Where are the pulmonary veins located?

6. Name the two atrio-ventricular valves (between the atria and the ventricles).

Our Middle School students also spent part of Brain Awareness week with a hands-on biology lesson: examining the brain. For more photos from this lab, visit the SMUS photo gallery.


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