Grade 6 Scientist Becomes Teacher


Yesterday afternoon, the Grade 4 students had the opportunity to listen to Grade 6 student Larry Yu. The class is starting their Light and Sound unit in Science and Larry recently competed in the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair at the University of Victoria. Larry presented his findings about light and talked about the scientific method to the Grade 4 students.

Student Reflections

by Alden
I learned that light is a particle and a wave. I learned to hypothesize. I learned the steps of the scientific method. I think the main idea of Larry’s research is that light is a wave of particles. A take away from this experience is to research extra facts so that you can answer hard questions.

by Alexandra
Larry came into the classroom and shared his project on light. He mainly talked about a laser beam light that went through a rectangle hole in a piece of cardboard. He also had some pictures of the experiment to accompany his work. He had three pictures of the laser beam. Larry showed us and told us many different facts.

by Jerry
Today Larry Yu from Grade 6 came to the Junior School and presented to us his light project. We listened to how he used a double slit. A double slit is like a piece of cardboard with a straight hole on it and it has a wire in it too. He got electrical tape and taped it together. He told us how light can be basically cut into two pieces and the light goes around or into the object that is cutting it. He also told us about how people have been saying what light is. Some say it is a color, some say it is a wave, some say it is a particle. But it’s actually a wave and a particle. He also taught us how fast light travels.

One of our Senior School students took second place at the Vancouver Island Science Fair last year. Can you guess who?


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