A Grade 2 Musical


by Sierra
I am doing a musical called The Drum and it is about Jordan, a little girl who wants a drum. Jordan is given a stick and she gives it to a cook. The cook gives her bread. Then Jordan sees a potter with two kids who are sad. Jordan gives the bread to the potter and is given a pot and she continues down the same road. A washer woman and her husband break their ankles on the pot so Jordan gives them the pot. Jordan gets a vest and then she sees two people in the river and helps them out.

by Rosie
The Drum is about a girl by the name of Jordan. Jordan shows lots of generosity in the story. She has always wanted a drum and in the very last part she gets a drum.

by Michael
The Drum is about a girl named Jordan and she wants a drum more than anything in the world. The story takes place in a couple of places and the virtue of this story is generosity. In this story, she meets a cook, a potter, a washerman and his wife, a merchant and his wife and musicians. Her mother can’t afford a drum.

by Jenna
The Drum is a very good musical. I am Jordan in the play. It is fun to be Jordan. In the play, there are a lot of songs but I like to sing so it is fun for me. In the play, Jordan really wants a drum but her mother cannot afford it so she meets a cook, potter, washerman and his wife, a merchant and his wife and a bridegroom and his family. You should watch it! Jordan starts the day out with nothing but a stick. I cannot believe how good it is turning out!

Kindergarten Students Review The Drum

“I liked the wedding when the bride came onto the stage. She looked pretty!” – Ania

“I liked the horse when he wagged his tail.” – Finlay

“I liked all of the parts when they were sharing. I really liked when the girl gave the vest to the people when they were cold.” – Molly

“My favourite part was when the boy and girl were rescued from the water and they were yelling for help.” – William

“My favourite part was when the little girl got her drum and there was sharing.” – Clara

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