Jobs 2020


The website includes various lists and rankings of future employment opportunities. Their recently published list, “Canada’s 100 Best Jobs” demonstrates some interesting trends. In this ranking, jobs are analyzed across three categories: Median Salary, 5-Year Wage Growth, and 5-Year Job Growth. In this outlook for the year 2020, several job types fare well across all three categories. As predicted by futurists for some time, jobs relating to the supervision of the oil and gas industries will do well; so will contractors in the electrical and telecommunications fields and heavy construction supervisors, among others.

Career educators continuously remind young people that for every expanded group of technical and construction workers in the future there will need to be more lawyers, educators and health care professionals to take care of their various needs. So, it should be no surprise that these professions will see increased demand in the future and are also predicted to be strong across all three categories of analysis: lawyer, health care manager, nurse, social workers and community services managers.

For a detailed look at the rankings, consult this web site:


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