Brain Awareness Week: Middle School


Many of the Brain Awareness Week events at SMUS focused on research, what we can do to improve our learning and how our brains interact with the rest of our bodies. The week included special lectures and a very literal approach to understanding the brain by Mr. and Mrs. Jackson.

On Monday, students in Grades 7 and 8 heard a talk from University of Washington professor Dr. Eric Chudler, which included a segment on animal brains. This was helpful for some of our Science students who completed a hands-on study of sheep brains later in the week. As you’ll see in the video, interested students learned how a brain fits into an animal’s head, how much the brain weighs, their relative size compared to a human brain and much more — all with the opportunity to handle the brains themselves.

Do you want to learn more about the brain? Find out how students in Grades 9-12 spent their Brain Awareness Week or take a look at a video from our first Brain Awareness Week.


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