Brain Awareness Week: Junior School


by Tori, Grade 5
This year Brain Awareness Week was lots of fun and I learned so much. I enjoyed learning about how my brain works and what is good for it. In every morning assembly we would learn something new, like on Monday we met Dr. Eric Chudler, who told us about the brain’s job. On Tuesday, we read a book, which told us about the parts in the brain and what they do. On Wednesday, we talked about mindfulness and how it affects your brain. On Thursday, we talked about how exercise and laughing are really good for your brain and on Friday, we watched skits and we sang a song together called “Catch a Brain Wave”. This week was so fun and I can’t wait for next year.

by Amalia, Grade 5
Something that I took away from Brain Awareness Week was how important it is to have fun. I realized how much my friends mean to me because I always have so much fun with them and I learned how important that is for my brain, because when you have fun, dopamine and serotonin (chemicals in your brain) get released and they lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a chemical that kills neurons. After this, I will remember to always have fun!

by Logan, Grade 5
As I write this at the end of Brain Awareness Week, I look back and think that I will take away the fact that dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are all very good chemicals that release when you’re happy and laughing! One favourite moment was singing “Catch a Brain Wave” with our kindergarten buddies.

by Sienna, Grade 5
This year Brain Awareness Week was very fun, but the thing that I enjoyed the most was the skit that Caoimhe, Emily and Claire (the evil cortisol) did together. It was really fun because all the school was laughing together and that releases dopamine.

by Stefan, Grade 5
This year Brain Awareness Week has been fantastic. I have learned so much from it. On Wednesday, we had an assembly on mindfulness with different strategies for being mindful. On Thursday, we went to the beach to be mindful. It’s amazing how many more small details you notice when you carefully turn your head instead of your eyes. We had an amazing time listening to mindful sounds. The other thing we learned was to walk quietly in nature so we don’t disturb the animals around us. During Brain Awareness Week, we also learned about chemicals in the brain. Dopamine occurs when you laugh and exercise. This week was great and I really enjoyed it.

by Divyesh, Grade 5
My favourite assembly of Brain Awareness Week was the dopamine assembly because we got to watch Just for Laughs Gags and the teachers danced with the students. I liked it because it was very different. Something that I took away from this experience was that laughing releases dopamine and seratonin, which are chemicals that make you feel good. Laugh a lot, it is good for you!

Kindergarten Reflections

“My brain helps me to draw. It gives me ideas. It also helps me to move.” – Preeya

“My brain sends messages all over my body.” – Ethan

“My brain can help me decide if I want to eat my cake first or last. It helps me taste the cake and move the spoon to my mouth.” – Ridley

“My brain is helping me to pick a pet.” – Cindy

“My brain tells me when something is hot or cold.” – Gillian

“My brain helps me to choose things to do.” – Parker

“My brain helps me to move with it’s cerebellum.” – Josie

“My brain helps me be creative.” – Tommy

“My brain helps me keep my balance when I ride my bike.” – Sammie

“My brain was smoother when I was little and now has more bumps.” – Nancy

“My brain sends messages to my hand when something is hot or cold.” – Quinn

“My brain works even when I sleep.” – Sophie

“My brain helps me choose what I’ll have for dessert after supper.” – Henry

“My brain helps me balance.” – Annie

“My brain has neurons that send messages to my body.” – Rayan

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