Looking ahead to summer


Sometimes students want to use the summer months to get ahead in some coursework, preview a course, or take advantage of a unique learning opportunity – and there are many to choose from!

If you are looking for standard courses (e.g. English, Math, Social Studies, Science) in greater Victoria, SJ Willis , Claremont School (grade 11 courses only), Glenlyon Norfolk School (Math only), and Westshore Centre for Learning are offering a variety of summer school classes. Typically, you can expect to be in class for 3-4 hours a day, 4-5 days per week for the month of July. Provincial Exams, if there is one associated with the course, would normally be written in August, but you might also be able to delay writing it until an exam sitting in the fall.

If you are looking for something a little different, pay close attention to the daily announcements as Mrs Buckingham is giving information about many fantastic opportunities, held all around the world. Whatever your “thing” is – science, creative writing, languages, music, travel, journalism, politics, outdoors, volunteerism, English language learning, and more – there are very cool ways to spend your summer holiday. Summer Opportunities 2014 is a document detailing some of the options we have received across our desks and in our inboxes. Some of the application deadlines have passed, but you can always plan ahead for next summer.

Please check in with your Academic Advisor/University Counsellor if you are looking for or considering a summer program.  We can talk about the options and help you put this plan in motion.


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