Finding the Magic for Term 3

Beginning with an Orientation Day at Camp Pringle last week, the Grade 10 Experiential Program got underway for the term. After circulating through a variety of different challenges focused on gaining self and group awareness, my group did some activities related to building trust. I am not going to give it all away but it involved a table, a bench on that table, a few classmates in the “catch position” and different people willing to close their eyes and trust that the group below would catch them when they tipped themselves off that bench. It was an exhilarating experience for some and an absolute “no go” for others.

With a bit of time remaining the guide looked to the people who had not gone yet. To those people he said, “There is no pressure for you to do this….but I do not want you to get home and wish that you had, because the opportunity will not be there. It is here now. Find your edge, decide what success looks like for you today and take responsibility for what you choose to do.”

That was all a few people needed to step forward, full of nerves but wanting to give it a try.

 trust fall

This is how I feel at the start of Term 3. It is the time to be reminded…..with time still to do what we know we want to do and to be sure we have no regrets. No one can force us to: put in the extra effort, be more welcoming, commit more fully, embrace more opportunities, get to know those around us more…. but we have the choice and may need just a gentle nudge to trust that SMUS is the place for us to “Find our edge, decide what success looks like for us and take responsibility for what we choose to do.”

Action….consider the following and set your goals accordingly. 

What would make this day, week, year (or experience) a successful one for you?

What are you doing now that you know is getting in the way of your potential?

What will you regret not doing?

How can you step out of your comfort zone and find where the magic happens?



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