Tech Club Engineers Some Fun


by Lucas Galloway, Grade 7

Before Spring Break, a group of 20 students from the Middle School Tech Club went with Mr. DeMerchant and Mr. Floyd on a really cool trip to the University of Victoria’s Engineering and Computer Sciences building for a tour of the invention lab managed by Dr. Mantis Cheng.

At the lab, we came across some incredible inventions made by current and past engineering students. Some of the inventions that Dr. Cheng showed us were a self-driving blimp, an automated ping-pong ball shooter, three of their 3D printers (one of them was printed by another 3D printer), a completely homemade quadcopter and a 3D scanner.

One of the things that I found really interesting was the fact that all their projects are made from scratch (except the motors and sensors). I loved this trip and hope that we can go back soon.

Interested in joining a club at the Middle School? Check out our guide to extracurricular activities (PDF) and see what’s happening in Term 3.


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