Recreating Rosa Parks’ Stand


by Amalia, Grade 5
We recently had an assembly where Mr. Snowden came and told us a story worth listening to over and over – the story of Rosa Parks. We also acted it out. We had a bench at the front of the gym to be our bus and we were divided into boys and girls. The girls had to sit at the back and boys at the front. Mr. Snowden picked a few kids to come up and sit on the “bus” and then he picked me to be Rosa Parks. Of course, there was only one more seat, at the front. And then he told us how that simple stand against right and wrong put her in jail. I think we can all learn something from that kind of courage and I certainly did.

by Makena, Grade 3
I like it when Mr. Snowden comes to the school. I like the story of Rosa Parks. I like the fun acting. I also like that we had to guess what we think he did as Head of School. It was interesting, because even though he runs the school he still makes time to come and tell us the story of Rosa Parks.

by Lauren, Grade 3
I think Mr. Snowden explained the story of Rosa Parks very well. I liked that we all got to participate and act in showing the story. I think the story of Rosa Parks is good to tell younger people so they know how to be kind.

Do you want to learn more about the history of the civil rights movement? Our Senior School students discuss African-American history each year at a chapel session held in honour of Black History Month.


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