An Alternative to Parent/Teacher Conferences


While Middle and Senior School parents get a chance to talk to teachers at Parent-Teacher Interviews, our Junior School parents hear about how things are going in the classroom from the students themselves.

Student-led conferences are where children are able to present their own learning to their parents. For example, sometimes students give a presentation on an animal they have researched. At other times, parents put on headphones and listen to recordings of students reading a story they wrote and illustrated on an iPad.

We believe they are such a valuable initiative that we run a story on the SMUS Review about them every year, each with a different perspective.

In 2013, we heard from students on how they felt about presenting to their parents and why they thought the conferences were important.

In 2012, Director of the Junior School Nancy Richards helped place these conferences in the context of how they approach teaching and learning at the Junior School.

In 2011, two of our teachers talked about the kind of work presented and how the conferences encourage students to celebrate their achievements.

The conferences are also featured in our video about the Reggio Emilia approach used at the Junior School. Watch it below.


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