How to Build a Catapult


Grade 1 and 3 students paired up for a foray into physics, building small catapults as part of the younger students’ study of fairy tales, many of which take place in medieval times.

On Tuesday, March 4, we made catapults with our Grade 1 buddies from Mrs. Galloway’s class for their fairy tale project, using popsicle sticks, rubber bands and one spoon. It was really fun. We made balls out of foil paper that the catapult could shoot. My buddy, Cooper, put one coloured popsicle on the top of his catapult.

This is how you make a catapult: you put seven popsicle sticks face down and secure them at both ends with a rubber band, then you take two popsicle sticks and secure one side with a rubber band. Next, slide the seven popsicle sticks into the two sticks and then put the spoon on the top of the two sticks. Take a rubber band and secure the whole thing in the middle by using the rubber band. Make an “x” to secure the catapult. And then you’re done!

Senior School students have also been known to construct catapults. See how an Advanced Physics class designs catapults to learn about the forces at work.


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