How to spend a Thursday night


This week, that was easy: you go and see the Senior School production of Spamalot. Every year on opening night my wife, Joan, and I host donors to the Headmaster’s Circle to the Annual Fund for a quick dinner and a night out at the play. We usually have about sixty or so guests. It is one of the surest ways of allowing donors to see the underlying motivation of their philanthropy at work: to create opportunities for excellence for students who might otherwise never have thought they had a talent.

In this case, the talent is a talent for the stage. The Annual Fund creates so many opportunities and this example is just one of many that the Annual Fund seeds and sprouts. For the past four years our Annual Fund has raised over $1 million for all kinds of purposes – our donors can be both proud and humbled by the fact that an Annual Fund this successful exists at only three or four Canadian schools. The largest portions of the Annual Fund support Endowment and direct financial aid – just about the most idealistic purpose possible. If our school is about seeking the excellence in all of us, as our Mission says, then the Annual Fund is one of the key catalysts of that excellence – a student body like ours needs a broad array of opportunities to really tease out their possibilities and potential.

Our students clearly loved mounting the production of Spamalot – the vitality and energy was palpable on stage, and the response from the audience – the laughter and repeated spontaneous applause – was fed by that energy. The parent donor next to me was a real Monty Python fan, and has seen the musical numerous times. Judging by the laughter that erupted continually beside me, this show certainly measured up. If you have a free night tonight or tomorrow, fill it with Spamalot.

For more information and pictures, go here.


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