A Cross-Campus Fairy Tale


by Cate, Grade 1

We were excited to have the Grade 11 Spanish class come to visit our Grade 1 class! It turns out that we are both studying fairy tales. The Grade 11 students wrote their stories in Spanish and then shared their writing with our class. Then we shared some of our writing with them, too.

It was so cool! We got so inspired that we had to write our own books, and we did. My buddy told me a story about a monkey and a turtle and a banana tree.

Here is what my classmates thought:

“It was fun because I enjoyed reading with the the Spanish class. I really like the sound of the language.” – Willow

“I liked the Spanish class visit because the story was really funny.” – Chelsea

“I was a bit shy because I wasn’t sure who my buddy was going to be. But I really liked the story.” – Bianca

Avli and Catherine both thought the stories were so funny! Thank you buddies for coming to read to us and sharing your stories with us. You inspired us to write our own fairy tales and we learned a lot from you!

Speaking of tales, our Middle School students are in the midst of a book battle. Take a look at some of the books our students in Grade 6 to 8 recommend.


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