Choosing A Course

Even though September 2015 seems a long time away, the time for students to plan their courses is, well, right now. For a peek into just one of the many, many courses available at the Senior School, watch this video of last year’s Physics 11 Advanced students constructing their own catapults.

Speaking of classes, we recently released our Course Selection Guide for the 2014-2015 school year. Take a look through the whole guide to get a better understanding of what’s on offer but here are a couple of new classes and programs.

AP Capstone Program

A new addition to our Advanced Placement offerings, AP Capstone gives students an opportunity to apply critical-thinking, collaborative problem-solving and research skills outside of a particular AP course. Students can earn an AP Capstone Diploma or Certificate if they complete both the AP Seminar (offered this year) and AP Research (offered starting September 2015) courses. Learn more.

Communications 12

New this year, Communications 12 will help students further develop their language abilities and ensure they are comfortable conveying ideas in written, oral and visual forms. The curriculum places special emphasis on ensuring that students graduate with strong language skills and can complement English 11 or 12. Learn more

Physical Education 11: Blended Option

This course is offered to students who are unable to fit Physical Education 11 into their timetables. Students track their physical activity online and submit a written reflection every two weeks. Students are also expected to attend one weekly workout session scheduled outside of the timetable. Learn more

Did you miss the Course Selection Information Evening? Watch the presentation and download helpful resources on the University Counselling blog.


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