Student Council Spreads the Love


by Catie, Grade 8

Our Middle School has many leadership opportunities, one of them being Student Council. Student Council organizes dances, service days and spirit events. Being run by students, there are executive positions such as president, secretary, social convener, treasurer or grade representative and the student body volunteers to do certain tasks to make these things happen. When organizing service days, Student Council votes on the charity to be supported, the appropriate amount for minimum donation and the fun theme for the service day (i.e. stripes, neon or Valentine’s Day colours).

This year and last year Student Council has done a spirit event called Valentine’s Day grams. Valentine’s Day grams are something special we do for the students and teachers. In Student Council, there are lots of blank notes that people write something nice on (some examples being “Share the love” or “Happy Valentine’s Day”) — basically, something uplifting to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Then a small candy is attached to each note, the note is addressed to someone in the school and then distributed in TAG.

Another Valentine’s Day activity at the Middle School is the Valentine’s Day dodgeball tournament. Organized by the teachers, a few students can make a team of eight players including a teacher. The teams face off against each other in a series of games at lunch. The last team standing at the end wins. The time around Valentine’s Day is very fun at the Middle School for both teachers and students.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to catch students in pink outfits. Last year, lots of Middle School students participated in Pink Shirt Day, an anti-bullying initiative.


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