Ryan Taylor, SMUS Class of 2011, comments on Colgate University


Colgate University, nestled in the heart of central New York, is an ideal school for students who love the close-knit and vibrant campus life of SMUS. There are only around 3,000 students which, while appearing to be very few when compared to UBC, most definitely has its benefits. Particularly, I have been fortunate enough to not have a class with more than 30 students in a class which is vastly different than the 500+ you may encounter at many schools. I have also had the pleasure of having each of my professors know me by name which is invaluable if you are trying to pursue graduate studies. Despite what counselors or houseparents may have told you, at some universities they do care if you come to class. The central focus of most of my classes has been two-way discussion with professors as vibrant and full of personality as you are used to in your SMUS English classes. The campus has been previously named the most beautiful in the United States, which helps ease the transition from the rainy Decembers of Victoria to the true winters of Hamilton, New York.

I am a political science and geography double major.  One of the most appealing aspects of a Colgate University education is that almost the entire student body studies abroad. I am currently in Washington D.C. completing three 400-level seminars, and while not as abroad as my friends in London and Geneva, I am able to complete a full-time internship. Many people in my study group are on Capitol Hill and I am currently interning at the Canada Institute at the Wilson Center, a highly respected think-tank. If you are unsure of what you want to study, I would particularly encourage you to consider a liberal arts college like Colgate as an option, as you will get to explore a wide array of subject matters while getting to develop your critical thinking and communication skills in an environment second-to-none.  Please check out these links.:


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