Inspiration at the Vancouver Island School of Art


by Angelina Agathoklis, art teacher

This week, the Grade 5 students had the opportunity to attend an art show at the Vancouver Island School of Art. They also participated in a drawing workshop at the gallery, using wooden art donkeys — drawing benches — with charcoal and oil and chalk pastels. Inspired by the artwork at the gallery, the Grade 5 students were enthusiastic participants and their own art was dynamic, imaginative and highly creative.

by Spencer, Grade 5
I enjoyed going to VISA (Vancouver Island Art School) because we got to be involved and make art. For example, we got to use the donkeys, which are wooden benches with a giant clipboard attached to the end. I drew four pictures: one called Impart, one called Boom, one called Aftermath and a boat which you have to look at from a certain angle to see. In conclusion, I really enjoyed going to VISA!

by Grace, Grade 5
I loved going to VISA because it taught me that art comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, our instructor showed us this really cool picture where the artist made a design and cut it out. My favourite part about this painting is the artist hung the painting up and then I drew a replica of the bottom of the painting a few inches away from the end of it so it looks as if there were three of them hung together. I also liked all of the abstract art hung on the walls because, to me, it represented freedom, love, peacefulness, joyfulness and obviously creativity. I hope we can go back there soon!

by Amalia, Grade 5
I thought that our trip to the VISA was an amazing experience. I remember seeing art from the time we walked in until we had to leave. One of my highlights from the trip was also something that surprised me. I am normally a person who is very realistic and orderly. But when I sat down at my donkey, I picked up the charcoal we were given and made the biggest, boldest, most random stroke of black down my paper. My picture grew from there into the most abstract art I’ve ever done. Another highlight was when we got to go into a studio. We saw many works in progress and so much different media was being used. One lady was making art by cutting out designs in paper. Another was carving meat trays and using them like giant stamps on her canvas. Our trip taught me to look at art in a completely different way.

by Connor, Grade 5
I really like to see and make art because it really inspires me to make art similar to that piece of artwork. My favourite thing to do at VISA was sitting on a donkey and drawing with charcoal. A highlight for me was seeing the girl who showed us her art studio. I also discovered my new favourite tool to use in art.

Learn more about our resident Junior School art teacher Angelina and her approach to teaching in her staff profile.


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