Junior Students Bond With Seniors


by Kathleen Cook, teacher
As a part of a school-wide commitment to community service for all the students at SMUS, the Junior School regularly visited at a local seniors’ home. Throughout the year, classes visited the James Bay Care Centre and our students were involved in activities that contributed to the lives of the senior citizens. Our students visited with the seniors and spent time in conversation, sharing work and playing games. The horse racing game was a highlight as children and seniors joined together to cheer on their horses!

They have performed by singing, playing their Orff instruments and playing the piano for the residents. It was very exciting to see the wonderful contribution that our children were able to make when visiting. It has been a very successful and meaningful experience for all of the children and we look forward to continuing our special connection with the James Bay Care Centre.

by Sofie, Grade 4
On the visit to James Bay Care Home, I read The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog to some of the people there. One of the people I read a story to had a bunch of medals for being in World War II. Another person I read a story to was 99 and she told me that I had a very long, exciting life ahead of me. One of the virtues we showed at the care home was friendliness. I think we showed this virtue because we made the care home people smile and laugh. I feel that an important reason for going on this visit is to make the care home people happy.

by John, Grade 4
I went to my partner, Betty. I have been with her ever since I was in Kindergarten. I read her my favourite book, which is Have I Got a Book for you?. After that we played the horse game. This visit matters to me because I made a person older and wiser than me happy and that just makes me feel good.

by David, Grade 4
On the visit to James Bay Care Home, I played a piano piece called “Gravity Falls.” Something that made me happy was when I played the piano in front of seniors because when someone plays the piano for them it makes them happy.

by Emma, Grade 4
On the visit to James Bay Care Home, I played the piano for the seniors and I spent a lot of time with my new friend, Florence, and after we played the horse game and ate cookies. Something that made me happy was just having that hour with the seniors. Some of the virtues that we showed on the trip were kindness, friendliness and joyfulness. I feel that an important reason for going on this visit is to learn how to act around our elders.

by Matthew B, Grade 4
It was really fun and what surprised me was that they had games and they had food and they were really fun! We played the horse game which I still do not understand. I noticed that the book that I brought had a picture of a squirrel that was named Ann and the senior citizen that I was with was named Ann and we both laughed. It was really fun at seniors’ home!

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