Celebrating Chinese New Year


In honour of the lunar new year, the Grade 1 classes took a field trip to Victoria’s historic Chinatown to learn about Chinese culture and how they celebrate the new year.

Student Reflections
Yesterday we went on a field trip. It was the first time I saw a red envelope. I liked seeing the Chinese School. We went to the grocery store and I saw a fish with wings. We went in the temple and Mr. Chan said to count the stairs. I got 50. On the way back I got 51. Mr. Chan told us about a fairytale story of a cat, Bernice, and a mouse, George. It was funny! -Cate

I loved going through Fan Tan Alley & Dragon Alley. -Aaron

Going into the temple was really cool. I liked the gong and all the candles, and there was a stone that you could carve into. -Owen

I liked going in the grocery store and seeing all the different foods. My mom bought some Ginkho Nuts to try at home because we read about them in our Chinese Fairy Tale. –Haven

There was fish sauce with eyeballs in it at the grocery store. It was a bit strange but I don’t know if it would be good or not? -Wil W

I liked seeing the dried up jellyfish and the dried up squid! –Zachary

Mr. Chan chose me to help with the prayer sticks in the temple, and when he pulled one out the number was 21 and he said that I would start dating when I was 21! –Chelsea

I loved looking in the toy store and seeing these really cool bobble heads. There were all different kinds of them. Some were kung fu and some of them were wearing capes. –Will P

My favourite part of the trip was going to the temple because I liked the smell of the incense. – Liam

My favourite part of Chinatown was the magic stairs up to the temple because when we went up we counted a different number from when we went down! –Emily

The magic stairs were my favourite because I got 51 on the way up and 59 on the way down. And in Dragon Alley I found out that the alleys were so narrow because the Chinese needed to defend their homes so a whole army couldn’t come in all at once; it could only be a person one on one and it would be much easier to defend. –Will C

I liked the medicine shop because we got to see a seahorse that was all dried and we also got to see little beans that were not similar to the ones that we usually buy. –Dheen

I liked the wings on the top of part of the Chinese School building. And in the church I liked the magic stairs that made a different number each time. I liked seeing the food and the candles. My favourite part was praying in the top of the temple. –Julian

My favourite part was when I went up the magic stairs because I got 52 and I wondered what number I would get when I went down. I got 51! –Caitlin K

The temple was a quiet place and I liked when I saw the Buddah praying with the mirror around her neck. We looked in the mirror and we saw our own reflection and it was a wonderful time at Chinatown. –Avery

My favourite part about Chinatown was when we went up the magical stairs and into the room because I saw different things that I hadn’t seen before, like the Buddah. –Caitlyn M

The magic stairs were magic because if you go up the first time you get one number and when you come down you get a different number. My second favourite part was going to the grocery store because I got to see lots of different and new food. –Anna

My favourite part was when we went up the magic stairs because you get a different number. There was a picture of a peacock on the right when you first walked in the temple. –Griffin

My favourite part about Chinatown was going to the grocery store because there was a bottle with fish and you could see the fish inside. I would never eat it! –Addison

Looking for more Lunar New Year coverage? Check out the Senior School chapel video where some Chinese students played a guzheng and did calligraphy.


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