Career Day: Listen, Question, Network, Repeat


Career Day is still a relatively new event on the SMUS campus, but one that is definitely growing in scope and interest. This Wednesday, students had a chance to hear from people working in a range of industries, who shared their experiences and how they see their field changing in the years to come.

Keynote speaker Tracy Samra spoke about her journey to becoming a lawyer, from her nose-to-the-grindstone days at SMUS and university, to writing the bar exam years after she finished her studies. After the keynote, students from Grades 9 to 12 were able to attend two of 15 sessions.

Parents, alumni and other guest speakers came to speak about their work in fields from athletics to finance to media. New additions included a special session on women in engineering and one focused on co-op and internship programs.

The afternoon capped off with a networking session where more than 50 students followed-up with speakers one-on-one and received individualized advice.

Law Session
by Athena Kerins, Grade 11
When one thinks of the stereotypical lawyer one imagines a very serious person with little sense of humour. However, the truth couldn’t be any more different. The lawyers who came to talk to us were a group of relaxed, witty people who kept their audience fully engaged throughout the presentation while staying on topic.

There were three lawyers all of whom had very different backgrounds and areas of expertise, including both public and private practice, and all offered an eye-opening glimpse into their world. One point that they emphasized particularly was law’s versatility and the vast amount of opportunities available when you hold a degree in law. You didn’t need to be pigeon-holed into any one branch of law.

Personally, I feel that their presentation was not only enjoyable but incredibly informative, shedding some light onto a career that, despite being in the public eye, is still surrounded by misconceptions and stereotypes. Thanks again to Danielle Topliss ’91, Eric Kerr ’95 and Chris Robb ’96 for an amazing presentation.


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