Grade 5 Athletes Get Into Squash


Racquet sports are considered to be an important part of the Junior School Sports Program and over the past few months our Grade 5 students have been visiting the SMUS squash courts. Each week they have received expert coaching from Phil Green and they have worked hard to develop their skills and their understanding of the game.

by Oliver, Grade 5
I like squash because it is a tennis-like game. The people are nice and I like playing with my friends! I wish there were more practices every week because I only have 5 practices. Anyway, squash is fun! I got a squash racquet for Christmas and some squash goggles and I play squash a lot with my dad.

by Logan, Grade 5
When I play on the squash courts on Wednesdays, it’s really fun because I know that if I make a mistake I know that people won’t be like ‘Logan, what have you done?’, instead they’re just like ‘Ok Logan, try again, but this time…’ which makes it fun because then you don’t have to worry. I especially like playing with my friends and learning their techniques and teaching them mine because it helps you learn so much! Rock on Jr. school!

by Amalia, Grade 5
I think that Physical Education is important and our squash program has been an awesome way to get it in. Our teacher, Mr. Green, is really funny and kind. At the very beginning of the first class he said ‘It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been at it for years or you have no experience at all, you’re going to learn something’ and everybody laughed. He made it easy and fun to learn basics, like how to serve, basic strokes and backhand strokes. He was sympathetic and kind when we messed up and encouraging when we did well. I’ve had an awesome experience so far and I can only expect it will get better!

by Charlotte
Squash is one of the best sports SMUS offers. I was delighted to be in squash group 2 and I have learned a lot about the sport since. I recommend it, even for beginners, because it is quite easy and most important of all, fun!

Some of our more experienced squash players recently participated in the Canadian Junior Open. Read about how they stacked up against the competition.


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