Junior School Gets Greener


by Diana Nason, librarian

We introduced the recycling and composting program a few years ago and the students have been quite committed. Recycling is a serious part of life at the Junior School.

Green team members are very committed to their mission.

Members of this group take turns dumping the classroom compost catchers each Wednesday (pizza day). Classes have Compost Captains who take their compost catchers to the large bins outside to meet the Green Team members. There are vouchers that make them eligible for a prize given to classes that remember to take out their compost. Tickets are given to those classes that do not take out their compost. If a class receives three tickets, they must clean up the school yard.

However, Green Team members were finding some items in the wrong bins or on the ground and felt that a reminder session was in order. They demonstrated which items go into each type of bin and then Granny Gail quizzed representatives from each class with sample items found around the school. It became an interactive experience that ended with a re-commitment to keeping the school and its outside areas clean.

Student Presentation
We hope that you will think before you throw “stuff” in the garbage or on the field. We can make a difference in our school environment and the bigger environment around us. If we don’t work together to do our part, nothing is going to improve. We’ll just get bigger dumps and more pollution. We hope that each class will pledge to protect the environment and work toward a healthier earth.


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