Middle School Conference – Presenters Needed!

Do you have an amazing idea about Leadership that you want to share with middle school students? Are you an expert on something that you would like to share with a group of grade 6-8 students? Read on!

As you may know the 2014 Victoria Middle School Conference is fast approaching, and will take place on February 28th, 2014.  Oak Bay High School Leadership is organizing the conference which connects 200 middle school students from Greater Victoria with the purpose of encouraging middle school students to become leaders and work together in their school community to accomplish leadership skills and activities.

Similar to previous years they are looking for volunteers from high schools to lead breakout sessions (about 45 min each) for the groups of students attending the conference.

The conference theme is ‘Together We Can’ and they would appreciate volunteers from SMUS to present in pairs for some of the breakout sessions. You can choose any subject that you are passionate about . It needs to be a leadership skill, an ability, or it could be idea based.

Please send your application to Ms. Simpson at cmsimpson@sd61.bc.ca.

  1. Include your topic with a short description
  2. Your full name, partners names and school
  3. How you plan to present
  4. Equipment you may require

**Note the best presentations tend to be active and involve the students.


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